Chasity Babauta in memory of her mother.

My Mom, Vicki Mosier passed away from melanoma on April 17th 2009. This by far is the hardest thing our family has ever faced. She had a “spot” on the side of her left hand that I never noticed before & asked her to get it checked She was always great about wearing her sunscreen & protecting her skin so it was such a shock for us to hear her diagnosis of melanoma. She had 5 total surgeries and endured intense chemo treatments within a years time frame. From day one she was a fighter. With all that she went through she never once complained or let us know she was hurting. In the middle of the battle of her life she was asking us…”Where’s your Faith?”   She was the one telling us, “This is just a bump in the road.”   She is/was the most amazing, selfless, faith-filled woman I have ever had in my life. We recently found a notebook of hers where she had written down how she wanted to be remembered. She had written this a few years before her battle with this horrible disease began, not knowing what she was getting ready to face. The question was….How do you want to be remembered? Her answer….”I want to be remembered as a woman of strength not a strong woman.” So needless to say, she says it all about herself in a simple sentence. She definitely is/was a woman of strength. Her mission was fulfilled. She has left behind a legacy that will live on forever through her family and all of the other people with whom she came in contact. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her or miss her. That is why our family is so dedicated to this cause. I do not want another person to have to go through what My Mom went through. I know she is saving a place for me!

Chasity Babauta


Will Patton in memory of his father.

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