Sun Safety at Summer Camp

Outrun the Sun created a sun safety curriculum that is used in summer camps throughout the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis and in other youth camps. Counselors use the curriculum to share important information so that campers learn about skin cancer prevention. Kids are involved in hands-on activities and have take-home material to share with their families. If you are interested in bringing sun safety education to your summer camp, please contact us at 317-253-2121.

Outrun the Sun / Girl Scouts Sun Safety Patch

Girl Scouts in 28 states will be earning the new Outrun the Sun ‘SUN SAFETY PATCH’. Young girls are learning about sun safety, skin cancer prevention and the importance of being comfortable in their own skin.

Hear what Girl Scouts are saying about our Sun Safety Patch:  Story on WISH-TV / Great Day TV

Want to bring the patch to YOUR council? Contact us:317-253-2121.

Outrun the Sun skin cancer prevention initiative for Indiana students

Outrun the Sun is partnering with the Indiana Department of Education and the Indiana Academy of Dermatology to incorporate skin cancer prevention information into the curriculum for Indiana students in grades Pre-K to 12. Encourage the educators in your area to use these important materials. Proceeds from events like the Outrun the Sun Race Against Melanoma make programs like this possible.

New Targeted Therapy Schedule Could Keep Melanoma at Bay

Ever wonder how your OTS donations are used? Outrun the Sun Melanoma Research Scholar, Jessica Teh, and her colleagues at Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson Health, are working on a new targeted therapy schedule that could help keep melanoma at bay. Read more.

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