Girl Scouts

Outrun the Sun is partnering with Girl Scout councils across America to offer a new sun safety patch. Scouts may earn the patch (and may receive an ultraviolet wristband) by reading educational information about sun safety and skin cancer prevention and also by participating in hands-on activities involving social media and more. Girl Scout councils in 28 states are either offering the patch or are planning to implement the program. 

If you are interested in seeing a condensed preview lesson for our Sun Safety Patch Program, please click here.

If would like to implement the Sun Safety Patch Program, please click here for the agreement. Have more questions? Email or call us! 317-253-2121.


Councils may elect to order ultraviolet-sensitive wristbands that turn color when exposed to sunlight. These are an excellent reminder for scouts to protect their skin! 


(proceeds of wristband sales benefit our education and outreach programs)

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