Deborah Lang, PhD

University of Chicago

Deborah Lang

Deborah Lang was born in New York City. She earned a Bachelors of Science from Philadelphia University in Chemistry, with commendations from the Institute of Chemists. Deborah’s graduate thesis, focused on the cell biology of pancreatic cancer, led to her receiving a Doctorate of Philosophy from Drexel University School of Medicine. Her training was supported by the Oslinker Research Award. Deborah then became an American Heart Association post-doctoral scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied developmental biology. It was during this time when Deborah initiated her work with melanocyte stem cells. Presently, Deborah is an Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago, heading a lab with a focus on melanocyte stem cells and melanoma research. The general hypothesis of the laboratory is that pathways and factors that play a role during embryo development are recycled in the stem cell of the adult, and these very same pathways are subverted in tumors.

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