Ketankumar Patel, PhD

St. John’s University


Postdoctoral fellow, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL. 2014-2016
PhD (Pharmaceutics), Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India. 2009-2013
M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics), Mumbai University, Mumbai, India. 2007-2009
B.Pharm, Anand Pharmacy College, SP University, India. 2003-2007

Research Focus: 

Dr. Patel is working as an assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences at St. John’s University, NY. He has experience in development and in vivo characterization of tumor targeted nanotherapeutics for melanoma, lung and breast cancer treatment, overcoming drug resistance in lung cancer, topical formulations for chemoprevention and psoriasis treatment. He has published papers in the field of cancer nanotechnology in various peer reviewed journals. Dr. Patel’s OTS-funded study is entitled “YSA peptide anchored stealth nanoliposomes for metastatic melanoma tumor specific delivery of a MEK inhibitor”. The core objective of the project is to investigate EPhA2 receptor based targeting approach for melanoma tumor specific delivery for trametinib to circumvent the adverse effects driven restrictions on trametinib dosing in melanoma patients.

Dr. Patel recently published information about his OTS-funded study. You may link to the article HERE.”

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