Timothy Corson, PhD

Indiana University


University of Toronto, Graduate Department of Molecular & Medical Genetics, PhD (2007)

University of Toronto, Institute of Medical Science & Collaborative Program of Nueroscience, M. Sc. (2002)

University of Toronto, Victoria College, Hon. B. Sc. (1999)


Research Focus:

Dr. Corson’s studies involve investigating the biology and potential therapy of ocular (uveal) melanoma (UM). Although this cancer makes up only a fraction of all melanomas, it is fatal in about half of cases due to largely untreatable, chemo resistant hepatic metastases. Moreover, as a cancer with a defined molecular basis, it is an excellent test case for the proposed novel therapeutic approach of targeted oncoprotein degradation. This approach could later be applied to mutations seen in other cancers, including cutaneous melanoma, with the ultimate goal of exquisitely targeted therapies for these diseases.

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